About me

Tech enthusiast

Ewilan Rivière

Hi, I'm Ewilan Rivière

Full-stack developer

I most often work with Laravel (and therefore PHP) for the back-end and front-end (for smaller projects). But for larger projects, I often use Vue.js/Nuxt.js in TypeScript for the front-end, with CSS frameworks like Tailwind CSS. For SEO, I take care of the most important aspects to enable crawlers to promote the website in the best possible way, accompanying this with tracking services like Umami or Matomo. On the mobile side, beyond responsive web, I work with Flutter (Dart) to be able to deploy applications on Android and iOS, or create desktop-type applications.

I like to have knowledge of every part of the chain, from local development to deployment on a server (NGINX, PM2, Docker), which leads me to configure Linux servers quite often for both production and local development. I like to have efficient tools at my disposal, whatever the development environment (Linux, Windows or macOS), so that I can easily use this or that version of a language. That's why I also develop open-source libraries for PHP and Node.js, to avoid repeating certain things from one project to the next.

I develop best in groups, preferring communication to isolated development, provided I have colleagues who also appreciate this way of working. I like to discuss technologies, I'm interested in the latest versions of the languages I use and I spend a lot of time reading or making documentation, in Markdown of course. I always have too many projects on the go, but I always have something to do!

My favorite tools are :

Technologies I use


What I like to do in my free time

Develop & technology watch
Develop projects with my favorites frameworks, to experiment new features from technology watch.
Read some books like fantasy, science-fiction or novels like Robin Hobb or J.M. Auel.
Grow my own fruit and vegetables, find the most resilient species and share my harvest.
Listen to podcasts, on culture, video games, technoloy watching or role play.
Video games
Play to video games and modding, like Elder Scrolls series or simulation games.
TV shows
I'm watching science-fiction or fantasy TV shows or web series.


Build an application from front-end to back-end, with API. Always look back at what has been coded to see if it can be improved, comments and refactoring allow to always improve the code.


Responsive & design

The front-end is the basis for mastering the integration of a model, either with a CSS framework or by hand, with mobile-first development.



Deploy projects on servers, either directly with NGINX or in containers, with relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL).


Tests & experiments

Write tests to improve the maintainability of projects with a CI/CD. But also see what's new on the technologies I like and test them, then implement them in new projects.



Whether it's setting up `head` metadata, open graph, redirects, traffic analysis or ecodesign, SEO is important in every project.


Technical documentation

Write technical documentation to explain how to use some projects, to save snippets, to write some articles for developers.