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A library to rule them all, a library to find them. A library to bring them all, and in the shelves bind them.


Web and mobile application project where the back-end can create a database from a list of EPUB files by extracting the metadata of each EPUB to create authors, series and books while managing the relationships between each model, without leaving out information such as tags, publisher, ISBN, language and description. Information that cannot be retrieved from the EPUB file metadata is retrieved from external APIs such as Wikipedia or Google Books. All this allows to manage a complete database presenting all the books presented on the front of the application that allows to consult each entity with its relations and to download the books.

  • It is possible to search by entity in order to find a book more easily
  • Detailed guides help to better understand how to use a reader to read EPUB files
  • A comments and favorites system is also available for registered users
  • A contact form allows to send messages to the team.
  • Embeds the OPDS (Open Publication Distribution System) to offer books to applications that offer this feed but also Catalog which offers a simplified interface to be able to browse Bookshelves from the e-reader's web browser if it doesn't support OPDS
  • Available in dark mode
  • Offers an API documentation with scribe